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Kokoro News are the news letters published by Kokoro Company Ltd..

It mainly covers new museums facilities and events held at a certain time and explains how Kokoro's "DOUKOKU", animatronics, are utilized and exhibited for each event.

The news letters are available in only Japanese but you will be enjoying looking at the pictures as documents to visualize you what's happening with Kokoro productions.

Click here to download the web version of the Kokoro News. 


KN78表紙サムネ 2017.8 kokoro news no.81(jpanese)


KN78表紙サムネ 2016.12 kokoro news no.80(jpanese)


KN78表紙サムネ 2015.9 kokoro news no.79(jpanese)


KN78表紙サムネ 2015.2 kokoro news no.78(jpanese)

KN78表紙サムネ 2013.9 kokoro news no.77(jpanese)

KN78表紙サムネ 2012.9 kokoro news no.76(jpanese)

KN78表紙サムネ 2012.2 kokoro news no.75EX(jpanese)

KN78表紙サムネ 2011.9 kokoro news no.75(jpanese)

KN78表紙サムネ 2011.1 kokoro news no.74(jpanese)

KN78表紙サムネ 2010.6 kokoro news no.73

KN78表紙サムネ 2009.11 kokoro news no.72

KN78表紙サムネ 2009.7 kokoro news no.71


KN78表紙サムネ 2009.2 kokoro news no.70

KN78表紙サムネ 2008.6 kokoro news no.69

KN78表紙サムネ 2007.11 kokoro news no.68

KN78表紙サムネ 2007.5 kokoro news no.67

KN78表紙サムネ 2006.11 kokoro news no.66

KN78表紙サムネ 2006.6 kokoro news no.65

KN78表紙サムネ 2006.2 kokoro news no.64


KN78表紙サムネ 2005.5 kokoro news no.63

KN78表紙サムネ 2004.12 kokoro news no.62

KN78表紙サムネ 2003.11 kokoro news no.61

KN78表紙サムネ 2003.5 kokoro news no.60

KN78表紙サムネ 2002.10 kokoro news no.59

KN78表紙サムネ 2001.9 kokoro news no.58

KN78表紙サムネ 2001.1 kokoro news no.57


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