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Popular dinosaurs including
Tyrannosaurus come to life in the modern times!

These dinosaurs are recreated based on the latest theory and research for dinosaur habits and behaviors, not to mention appearances. The dinosaurs mounted by
the ‘Air Servo System’,
Kokoro’s own developed structure, overwhelm the guests with real-looking
movements with a full of speed. The dinosaurs for renting come in
many shapes and sizes from the gigantic ones that you gaze up to
feather-type ones that you can choose appropriate to your themes and
exhibition sites.
ロボットレンタル ラインアップ

カメレオン ワニガメ ワニ
 Tyrannosaurus  Toriceratops  Stegosaurus

カメレオン ワニガメ ワニ
 Oviraptor  Gasosaurus  Huayangosaurus

カメレオン ワニガメ ワニ
 Velociraptor  Velociraptor  Maiasaura with nest


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