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You might be the next prey・・・!?

Skills to survive in the harsh wild world. Kokoro has cast a spotlight on the wild world and made it possible to recreated by using the robots. The exhibition has a theme for ‘PREY’. It provides with easy-to-understand explanations of characteristics of habits and haunting techniques of animals’ such as Chameleon sticking out its tongue to catch food and Anaconda squeezing up an alligator.
Experience the powerful world of the ‘Predators’
ロボットレンタル ラインアップ

カメレオン ワニガメ ワニ
 Chameleon  Macrochelys temminckii  Saltwater Crocodile

タランチュア サソリ
 Tarantula  Emperor Scorpion  Tag-of-War Dynastes hercules


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