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Absolutely look like a real human! The gActroidh, humanoid, developed with a cutting-edge technology attract you with its human look-alike appearance and astonishing high expression ability. New line of the Actroids is being developed.

spacer spacerWhat is Actroid?
spacer The Actroid is humanoid robot, which has made it possible to look just like a human being with an overwhelming realism and ultimate functions of expression abilities.

This robot has developed to recreate the human-like natural yet charming expressions with high functionalities retained.

Emphasizes on its own realistic presence with smooth gestures.
It has news hooks and high eye-catching effects. It can be utilized to play active part for many occasions as a chairperson with fluent narrations and booth bunny.


The gActroid-DER2h, a younger sister of Actroid-DER, has been improved in her astonishing appearance and high performance and is now even cuter than her older sister!

Icon robot is now born with a full of pleasant surprises.
Her most attractive feature is her long legs and her bright smile.
Her astonishingly small face is capable of creating exotic facial expressions.?
Her girlish and cute gestures are also polished.
She is cute and a bottom-line kind of girl to carry out her job as a narrator.

She can also poses as a fashion model by making best use of her stylish physical features besides her regular job as a show host and guide.

Rentals are now available.



DER3 is the sisters who are younger than DER2.

I utilized past technology, and power of expression improved more.

It is movement of an arm and the foot that there is result in particular.

For example, I held out a hand before, and the movement of the foot which kicked a soccer ball came to be possible.

Of course DER3 does not play soccer. We are particular about invisible mechanism and develop it!

Rentals are now available.


spacer spacerHistory
spacer ˽ذ01 2003.11
Made its debut at the gInternational Robot Exhibitionh.
  ˽ذ02 2004.1
Osaka University Ishiguro Research Team Succeeded in developing the gActroid ReplieeQ1h.
  ˽ذ03 2004.12
Osaka University Ishiguro Research Team succeeded in developing the gActroid ReplieeQ1-expoh.

Conducted the demonstration of the Reception RobotgActroid-expohat thegExpo 2005 Aichi Japanh.

  ˽ذ045 2005.6
gActroid-DERh,the rental-only model was introduced.
  ˽ذ05 2005.7
Osaka University Ishiguro Research Team succeeded in developing the gActroid ReplieeQ2h.
  ˽ذ06 2006.10
gActroid-DER2h,the rental-only model was introduced.
  ˽ذ07 2008.11
gActroid-DER3h,the rental-only model was introduced.

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