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Kokoro’s overseas activities

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Kokoro’s animatronics’ entertain many visitors at the permanent exhibition facilities and large-scale tour exhibitions such as museums and amusement parks, which require the high quality of the productions, everyday somewhere in the world.

Especially in Europe, Kokoro has focused on providing high-qualified plan exhibitions and large-scale permanent exhibitions with The Natural History Museum London (The Great Britain Natural History Museum) as a hub for the overseas agent operations for Kokoro.

spacer spacerLondon, UK
The Natural History Museum London
spacer The habits of dinosaurs are recreated realistically and lively at this museum! Kokoro implements new animatronics dinosaurs at every dinosaur exhibition renewals for the museum.

spacer New York, US
The American Museum of Natural History
spacer The science exhibition to show you how the bone structure of dinosaur jaws work.

spacer Teruel, Spain
The Dinopolis
spacer "T-REXA AND ME"- Spectacular live attraction show played by the collaboration of animatronics dinosaur and the actor.

spacer spacerDalian, China
The Laofu South Pole Aquarium Museum
spacer Legendary sea monsters, the ‘Battle of the Atlantic Giant Squid and Sperm Whale’, are recreated in a huge scaled of the 7m-long water tank.

spacer Taichung, Taiwan
The Taiwanese National Natural Science Museum
spacer The visitors are charmed with the parent dinosaur in addition with the cute young Tyrannosaurus.

spacer GONDWANA - Das Praehistorium

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