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We would like to state the kokoro's latest R&D.
New possibilities are just around the corner.
Kokoro's mechatronicsarts are being developed every minute in the R&D room.

Kokoro makes continuous “Animatronics” and robotics technology developments for the next generation. Our commitment to the production development goes beyond the “Animatronics” technology .We listen, respond and expand our business opportunities to the customers’ demands on special-ordered productions for their researches and mass productions for entertainment.

spacer spacerกAir Servo System

Pursuit of the Pneumatic Pressure System.

Kokoro’s all animatronics are mounted with a basis mechanism called the ‘Pneumatic Pressure System’, which uses the air as medium and supplies a power to the actuators by the compressed air.The system has advantages in its high safety compared with other fluid pressure systems such as the oil pressure system and the water pressure system.

Advantages for the Pneumatic Pressure System are:

  • No fluid leakages and minimizes damages to productions
  • Air has elasticity and is little resistant to exterior forces.
    It minimizes damages in the event of animatronics hitting against obstacles and people around.
Especially the pneumatic pressure system is suitable for special-rubber made productions, whose exterior surface is covered seamlessly with special material.It is hard to make air holes to skin surface of real-looking productions of living creatures.
Motor operated productions require air holes to release a heat which is generated by the motor.

Advantages of the pneumatic pressure system over a motor generated power are:
  • Less heat generated
  • No magnetic fields generated
  • No noises

spacer spacerกKokorofs original Air Servo System
The ‘Air Servo’ is the system with the function combined with the pneumatic pressure system and to control actuators precisely through the servo bulbs.

The compressed air is a medium, which is hard to control because of its nature of delays in a force transmission and reaction caused by its elasticity.Kokoro has made it possible to develop the precise actuator control system by utilizing Kokoro’s original air servo structure, the control system, and the unique parameter adjuster.The 7m-long dinosaur robot T-rex made by Kokoro has acquired a realism and power more than ever by varieties of swift/ slow movements and speedy and powerful ways of expressions made possible by the servo system.

ƒT[ƒ{‹์“ฎƒeƒBƒ‰ƒmƒTƒEƒ‹ƒXTyrannosaurus rex
In addition to the above, Kokoro has achieved to reduce a size of the ‘Air Servo System’ small enough to mount it into humanoid robots.
This achievement has lead Kokoro to develop the ‘ACTROID’, one of the Kokoro’s humanoid robots maintains the slender shape yet is able to express natural body movements just look real.

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