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DOUKOKU "animatronics" are all handcrafted one by one.
Here is a step-by-step procedure to show you how what's on your mind as a dream forms a shape and be loved for ever.

spacer spacer1.Sales marketing
spacer The entrance for your dreams. Our sales representatives listen to what commodities and planning you are looking for and work with you to make them come true.

spacer spacer2.Planning
spacer Makes detailed plans and provide with our full of originalities and creativities for your request of animatronics and exhibitions.

spacer spacer3.Technical designs
spacer The fundamentals for realistic movements and figures.
Technical designs are drawn from scratch for each animatronics on demand.

spacer spacer4.Manufacturing [Assembling]
spacer The procedure to give animatronics bones and muscles. From delicate precision mechanicals to large-sized heavily equipped structures, you name it, are assembled in this process.

spacer spacer5.Manufacturing [Exterior Handicraft]
spacer The process to flesh the animatronics. Special sponges (Urethane form) are cut out and shaped with a knife to create animatronics dinosaurs. Human skin-like soft special rubbers are processed for Humanoid robots. As you see here various techniques and materials are utilized appropriate to each productions

spacer spacer6.Management of the quality
spacer The finished product is shipped after having passed a quality check.

spacer spacer7.Control systems and programming
spacer Procedure to breath lives into robot. Robots are programmed by a experienced craftsmanship for realistic, subtle, and delicate movements. Software functions in general such as sound effects and lightings are also taken care of in this process.

spacer 8.Installation & Maintenance
spacer Animatronics are divided into several parts to transport and install at site. The divided parts are then put together to compose a whole figure. After delivery and installation are finished, regular maintenance services are provided on a contract basis. Emergency call-in service requests are also available.
We provide prompt services to your maintenance requests.

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