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2010/04/02 Press Release on the Tele-operated Android gGeminoid Fh

Tele-operated ACTROID-F
~ Latest model of the Actroid ~

Photo Credit: Osaka University  Geminoid F developed by Osaka University and ATR

gTele-operated ACTROID-Fh, the latest android in which Kokorofs technologies are made full use of, has achieved cost reduction and weight saving while re-creating more lifelike facial expressions compared with the existing Actroid series. Kokoro is famous for having created a robot which was registered as gthe first true android avatarh by Guinness World Records. As all air servo valves and a set of control equipment, which were previously incorporated in the external control box, are incorporated in the robot main body, wiring to the external control box is not needed . So you can make the robot sit on various types of chairs, such as a sofa or an office chair, depending on the scenes. A tele-operation system is used for the operation of the robot. Interactions full of live sensation can be created because the operator can transmit the movement of his/her face to the robot in real time.

Specifications of the robot main body

[Dimension/Weight]  Dimension:  W:600  D:800  H:1400  /  Weight: 30kg
[Control specifications]  Pneumatic actuators, Servo controlConnected to an external general-purpose PC via serial communication (USB1.0).
[Moving parts (12 axes)] Between the eyebrows (Up/down), Eyebrows (Up/down), Eyes (Up/down, Right/left), Upper eyelids (Up/down), Mouth (Open/close), Cheeks (Up/down), Neck (Up/down, Right/left, Tilt), Shoulders (Up/down), Waist (Back/forth)
[Power supply]  AC100-240V
[Voice output]  A speaker is incorporated in the robot main body.
[Bundled software]   Checker software
[Option software] Tele-operation system software]

Contact point: Tatsuo Matsuzaki (E-mail: matsuzaki-t@kokoro-dreams.co.jp)
RT Department, KOKORO Co., Ltd.

Geminoid F Press Release(pdf)


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