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2009/04/30 Kokorofs animatronics made a debut in the largest-class dinosaur museum in Europe!

gDas Praehistoriumh which was opened in Neunkirchen, Germany on December 13, 2008 is the large cultural facility re-creating the ancient period of dinosaurs. Kokoro created the lifelike, authentic-looking dinosaurs which guests encounter in the thoroughly-built view of the world.

There are 11 areas consisted of symbolic scenes of the Earth in each period such as the Big Bang of 8 billion years ago, the coral reef in the ancient sea and the forest in the Jurassic period. Guests are surrounded by plants and rocks re-created in every detail with elaboration.

There are plenty to see such as gCompsognathush whose motion is reminiscent of that of a bird, gDimetrodonh standing on the steep rock wall in the canyon where a real flash flood occurs and gRutiodonh which has a giant body of 5 meters in length and moves so dynamic as to make guests splashed with water.

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@GONDWANA - Das Praehistorium
For further information, please refer to the latest gKokoro News No.70h (PDF).
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