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2008/12/25 DER3 `She did the first job in Thailand`

gACTROID DER3h, the latest version of ACTROID, went to Thailand for her first work.
was invited to an opening ceremony of a department store newly opened by the most major department store group in Thailand.
Among lots of performance such as appearance of much-loved actors in Thailand, DER3 gathered much attention from audience showing
her strong presence at the pre-opening on November 26. her

@The ceremony was held at a very nice building.                   External appearance of the front.

@@@Highly interested audience.                                        Some stars were also on the stage.

@@@DER3 dressed up in wedding attire was kissed by two famous actors with roses in their hands.
@@@@We wish we could show the pictures about it here!

@@@A mosquito mistakes it for the real skin!                     DER3 appeared in a TV studio.

It seems that movies related to the above event have already been posted to a popular movie posting site.
Maybe you can look at the movies by entering the keyword gDER3h.

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